2000trees festival 2012 Headliners

Most importantly, 2000trees is about music.

Okay, we lied. It’s not just about music. Almost as important – and in no particular order – we have the most beautiful festival site imaginable, a friendly and intimate atmosphere, the 2nd Best Toilets at a UK festival, high quality (but reasonably priced) food and drink and a green agenda to be proud of. Basically, it’s proper fun but with great bands too!

So where to begin? Well, as cheesy as it may sound 2000trees genuinely started with six mates sat around a campfire complaining about the state of UK Festivals, and more specifically, about the monolithic beasts (you know who you are) and their ever spiralling ticket prices, poor facilities and pursuit of profit at all costs. And so with the inspiration of Y-Not festival ringing in our ears, we decided that day to start a festival that we would want to go to ourselves. It was a small beginning, with just 1,000 people in 2007, but through an organic increase in numbers (2,500 in 08 & 09 and 3,500 in 2010) you find us here today with a capacity of bang on 4,500. Happy days!

2000trees festival 2012 Map