Back for its third outing, 2000 Trees will return to the middle of Gloucester with an intimate gathering of grass roots bands and some of music’s bigger names.

Around 60 bands and DJs are handpicked to perform across three stages over the weekend in front of 2,000 festival goers.

Bosses behind the event promote green issues and follow an alternative ethical ethos making revellers aware on the need to conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

AGreenerFestival say this about the festival: 2000 Trees is a great small festival surrounded by gorgeous countryside and the organisers work hard to keep the festival clean tidy and fun. The Maker Green Team pop up everywhere In their noble crusade to leave no recyclable uncollected and the relaxed friendly crowd seem to make the effort to tidy up after themselves which is a refreshing change. Looking around the floor it is hard to spot any litter and many revellers feel safe to wander barefoot through the site (which was a bit muddy this year!). The organisers are enthusiastic about their efforts to be an eco-friendly gathering and it is inspiring to see many stalls handed over to local suppliers and to organisations promoting environmental messages.