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15 August 2008

Virtual Festivals Europe, which will offer Continental music festivals the same fantastic benefits that events in the UK have been enjoying for years.

Click here now to receive:

  • A FREE listing for your festival on Virtual Festivals Europe
  • A nomination in the Best European Festival Award (as voted for by the festival-goers of Europe)

Virtual Festivals Europe is intent on becoming both the most powerful ally you will ever have as a festival organiser and the European festival industry’s greatest supporter.

What is Virtual Festivals?

Virtual Festivals (www.virtualfestivals.com) was launched in the UK in 1999 as a creative project to consolidate the entire music festival marketplace in a single website. The UK website has more influence and credibility with festival-goers and industry than any other media property and now attracts over 2 Million unique visitors per year. Our aim for Europe is to achieve 20 Million unique visitors per year (by 2011).

Our Objectives for Virtual Festivals Europe are:

  • To connect every festival, artist and live music fan in Europe
  • To actively propel the popularity of the music festival lifestyle as a mainstream force across the continent
  • To create a real-time virtual barometer of consumer taste and preferences in each European country
  • To empower fans to shape the on-going development of the European live music and festival marketplace
  • To make the European festival lifestyle a richer, more meaningful and enjoyable experience for all

What Does Virtual Festivals Give You as a Festival?

  • A comprehensive, interactive microsite which allows audiences to discover, buy tickets to and immerse themselves in your event all year round
  • Access to new customers beyond your current  fanbase
  • Valuable objective feedback in real time from festival-goers
  • Enhanced communication and co-operation within the festival industry itself, by connecting and consolidating the many fragmented elements that comprise the marketplace
  • All of this AT NO COST

What Is The Best European Festival Award?

Since 2004, Virtual Festivals has produced the UK Festival Awards (the festival industry’s most prestigious annual commendations which are voted for by the public and presented at a ceremony in the autumn). We now intend to expand the UK Festival Awards in its full format into Europe and the Best European Festival Award is the first step.

This is a single award which will be voted for by fans on the Virtual Festivals Europe website over a 6 week period starting in mid September.

The winner will be presented at the UK Festival Awards ceremony in London, UK, on 30th October.

What Do You Have to Do to Gain the Maximum Benefits from all this?

  • Complete the short application form here
  • Add us to your press distribution list (click here for contacts)

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