Trident Perpetual Festival – The adventure continues…

Katie P's worldwide adventure makes its way to Thailand.

Greetings festival-goers! Katie P here. Way back in May I started the Trident Perpetual Festival tour of some of the world's best music events. It's now 25 weeks later, and I am writing to you from the shores of Thailand about to head out for the globally renowned Full Moon Party. My international trek has taken me everywhere from Mexico to Mallorca, South Africa to South Wales and everywhere in between, and I have been joined at each step by lucky strangers who have won tickets to join me through Trident Gum. We have partied on the beaches of Croatia, hung backstage in the arenas of Istanbul, stomped in the mud in the Isle Of Wight and swum in the lakes of Malawi. The entire amazing experience has been soundtracked by a whole variety of wonderful world music from dance to rock, jazz to latin, salsa to pop and a whole heap of electro fun. The entire experience has been committed to blog/video and photos, and I reckon you should go check out what we have been up to over here:

Come January, the international tour will be over – but there is still the chance to win cool tickets with fun south-west-four-sw4-2009 through Trident Gum. If you are interested in being a winner, simply check out to find out how!