The Student View at Beach Break Live

We've finished our exams, but who cares if we've passed, we're pale, bored of revision and gagging for our first cider at Beach Break Live! Despite waiting over four and a half hours for park and ride, finding that skanky students have nicked our box of wine from our tent and losing two pairs of flip-flops in the crowd during the very first act, we're optimistic! After a savage first night in the Forest of Kernow and dancing to countrifed versions of our favourite teenage songs- from Britney Spears to Blink 182- we were still able to hit the beach at 9 this morning for an early surf. The beautiful Polzeath beach was a sight crammed full of students, all typically clad from head to toe in £3 bagains from Primark. It was a challenge to surf around all the bright yellow foamies in surf school, but we braved it, never mind a few big bruises! Then we headed back to Emma's pimped out tent and commandeered her blow-up mattress for a sneaky afternoon siesta, while being serenaded to sleep by someone who sounded suspiciously like Paolo Nutini.

The most unique aspect of Beach Break Live is the fact that it brings together the student community that loves music, the sand and the sea. We keep bumping into old school mates and friends. In a merry state we are pleased to see them, even though we haven't cared about them for the last five years. People we haven't met before become fast friends too as we witnessed last night when a friendly young gentleman embarked on a conversersation with our empty tent. Students who had spent too much of their overdraft on average nights out in their student union are still able to join in the festival atmosphere. Beach Break Live employ students as bar staff and stewards in exchange for a bit of food and a free ticket.

If you're not into surfing then you can spend an afternoon browsing the little stalls and vintage shops. These vintage jems are hung like freshly washed laundry on display in the sunshine. If you're not already blown away by the breath-taking taking views of Polzeath beach, then you'll be mesmerised by the lanterns floating in the evening sky, which you can buy from a stall and write a personalised message on. Alternatively you can participate in The Mighty Cornish Goblet, to demonstrate your hay bail hurling and scarecrow making abilities. Later when the summer sun sets, you can stay warm in a bubbling hot tub or warm your hands by the big bonfire.

As much as we are dedicated to our degrees we think some time off to experience Beach Break Live is a good idea. Remember you're only a student for a few years and access is only permitted to students, although we've all seen a few suspicious older characters skankin' at the front of the crowd. It's a shame it only lasts a few days and then we're back to the reality of summer jobs and exam results!

Hannah Price and Emma Birch, Exeter University