Sifting through the inbox before it all kicks off at Lovebox

'At some point during the night I will wake in a cold sweat dreaming that I'm walking around the festival stark naked.'

It’s less than 3 weeks to go until Lovebox, it’s 9.27pm on Sunday 27 June and I’m sitting at home in front of the laptop, with every window that can be opened open (and its still absolutely boiling) and piling through the ridiculous amount of e-mails that come in at this time of year. Well actually, to fess up, I’ve just sat down after having had a “dance like nobody’s watching” moment in my living room to Insomnia by Faithless courtesy of BBC4's Glasto coverage  – still sends shivers down the spine and conjures up memories of many good days, or rather late nights gone by.

Most of tonight has been spent sifting through about 200 e-mails in my inbox, trying to spot the killer diller ones that really need dealing with and moving them up the To Do List to fight alongside the others that are already up there. Sunday night is a good time to do this, a bit of peace and quiet away from the buzz and chatter of the office and the phones ringing off the hook, time to think and deal with things that really need dealing with, even if Glastonbury is doing its best to de-rail that in the background.  

This period is about running on adrenalin. Most festival organisers will tell you that under normal circumstances, it really would be impossible to deal with the amount that has to be dealt with in the final lead up to a big festival. But someway, somehow, you get through it and at the end of it all, when you see people having such a great time, you feel blessed and know it was worth the hard yards.

Just one last thing to do before bed, say my prayers to the Sun god, kick back and watch Stevie Wonder and try not to be insanely jealous of all the people who have enjoyed an amazing Glastonbury this year.   At some point during the night I will wake in a cold sweat dreaming that I’m walking around the festival stark naked and then later on that we played Germany in the World Cup and got beat 4-1. Cue Homer Simpson voice…Doh!

Rob Silver
Head of Lovebox
Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July 2010