Rob da Bank’s Weekly Blog #4

I love the VF homepage story about the 30 German nudists who want to go to the Glade festi. Having heard about one American dude who’d attended in the buff a few years back the German contingent fancy the idea of dancing their naked asses off to pounding techno (and some inspired world music bookings for 2009) for three days. What a picture.

I remember seeing my first and last naked person at a Glastonbury about a decade ago. He was a sorry sight with his ratty dreads, bony pigeon chest and teeny tiny… hmm, hands. I always thought there’d be more nudity at festivals but I haven’t seen so much as a scrotum or pendulous mammary gland since then. Maybe it’s for the breast, sorry, best.

New announcements aplenty with the Hop Farm announcing Paul Weller and Editors, The Levellers at Scotland's Wizard, Banarama at Isle Of Wight, sorry did I just say Banarama!?, NERD for Wakestock and my new favouritely titled band Big Red Ass for the brilliant Endorse It in Dorset.

I have to say the standard of line ups is worrying (to a promoter) in their excellence this year ­ everyone has definitely stepped up to the plate with ace exclusives and hot new bands, but some of the festival’s message boards are seething with some radical changes in direction for some big festivals.

You’d think Latitude had booked Jason Donovan and Lenny Henry, not Grace Jones and the Pet Shop Boys the amount of jip they’re getting on their boards. I remember when I booked the Pet Shop Boys and Scissor Sisters for Bestival getting some quite lairy emails and forum posts. It’s so difficult satisfying everyone and once in a while I do feel that you need to push the boundaries of what your crowd are expecting and I for one think the Latitude bill is solid. So much emphasis is put on headliners too (ooh, the furore about Jay-Z at Glasto ‘08) that people forget there are normally at least 100 other acts on the bill worth seeing.

Me and the wife have just taken delivery of the first copy of our new and first foray into books ­ Rob da Bank’s A-Z of Festivals, a hard back exploration of festies around the world written by muggins here and beautifully illustrated by Josie. I’ve already spotted a couple of unfortunate omissions which I’ll have to make up for somehow but overall as a first crack it’ll do!

Anyway ill leave you to your Easter eggs and wish you all a peaceful weekend while I start planning Bestival 2010!