Rob Da Bank’s Weekly Blog #10

Cripes, sorry VF gang for a very tardy missive from the brain of da Bank. I've had such a crazy weekend that festivals have totally escaped my mind – firstly I got up at 4am with my youngest son who wouldn't sleep, tried to get him off to sleep in my camper van on the Isle of Wight and reversed into a ditch. All are safe and sound and it was fun in an odd way.

When the weekend couldn't get more frenetic, one of my mates started towing my elder son round the garden on an inflatable mattress and accidentally whacked him into a ceramic chicken stood on our lawn (don’t ask) and I spent the Bank Holiday Monday in Accident and Emergency. Again everyone’s fine but you can see why I haven't got much to write about on festivals… apart from this brilliant website.

Loving the UFO festival – lets all go!

Rob da Bank