Rob Da Bank’s blog #16

Rob counts down to Bestival with his top five things to see over the weekend...

So 5 weeks to go until the biggun. With the dust only just settling from Camp Bestival it’s time to get ready for lift off at the Bestival 2009 Outer Space Extravaganza (to give it it’s full posh title). It’s always exciting seeing all the other shows come and go and some great reports from Secret Garden Party (massive stage invasion for Jarvis Cocker) and Big Chill (humungous Zombie parade) and knowing that we’re still gearing up for the grand finale of the season in September. In fact I wish it would just hurry up and arrive so I know what the weather is gonna be like, whether Kraftwerk will be as mind-blowingly magnificent as I’m imagining and whether our new site layout is a hit or a miss!

I’m sat in the garden on the Isle of Wight at the moment and its blistering sun so I’m feeling optimistic that its gonna be a good un. Sad news from Summer Sundae that The Streets had to cancel their performance at the ace boutique show though as the bass player has swine flu. Surely they could have rustled up a spare? I blame Mike Skinner who has just had the all clear after having the infection himself.

Anyway, a quick five things I’m looking forward to at Bestival 09:

1) The Afterburner – THE stage of the summer. The most anarchic, in ya face ridiculous late night rave structure.

2) Our Spinal Tap night – we’re opening on the Thursday again this year and the Big Tops hosting a night that’s gonna crank it up to 11 on the dials!

3) Finally sorting the mystery guest – with 4 weeks to go I have sod all idea who this is going to be. Sleepless nights ahead!

4) The Low Anthem – amazing newish band from the States playing on the Sunday – check the amazing Charlie Darwin

5) Friday afternoon and evening on the Main Stage – Passion Pit, Friendly Fires, Florence and The Machine, Soulwax, MGMT and Massive Attack in that order. YES!

See ya next week!

Rob da Bank