Rob Da Bank’s blog #14

This week Rob da Bank returns from Glastonbury...

Whoah there horsie, jeepers creepers and other such expletives – that was some weekend down Glastonbury way!

I won’t give you a blow by blow account of mine and Mrs da Banks weekend as not only has the entire thing been dissected online, in the papers and on the brill BBC footage but it may also prove boring.

Opting for a calmer more holistic festi this year (after I spent 3 days hovering above the ground two years ago and last year entirely sober), Josie and I must have walked around the entire site about 5 times over the weekend stuffing ourselves with the best grub (namely the falafels at The Organic Chai Shop and the Mexican feast at Pura Vida all washed down with some Sea Cow fish and chips and a pint or four of Brothers pear cider) and admiring naked hippies and the funnest most mixed crowd I’ve seen at Glasters in years. Blistering weather and stand out sets from Dizzee Rascal (he’s just a rascal!), Bon Iver (tear jerkingly sublime sounds), Florence and The Machine (breakthrough act of the festi!), Springsteen (just for the spectacle), Neil Young (maybe the last time we see him on these shores for a while), Q Tip (funky as falafels Jazz World vibes), Status Quo (rockin all over the site) and last but not least Spinal Tap starring Jarvis Cocker on bass. Weird and wonderful and hats off to Michael and Emily for a corker.

The only bad news is we’ve gotta wait another year to do it all over again!

Rob da Bank