Rob Da Bank’s blog #13

Oof, just back from Rock Ness and a glorious sun kissed weekend of Black Isle Ale, veggie-burgers and rave music. From hanging out with Dizzee Rascal in his dressing room and being verbally abused for the length of my hair and my old Green Flash trainers, to jumping up and down to Basement Jaxx, it was a hoot and only slightly tainted by the fact that I missed seeing Anvil at Download and the Pixies at the Isle of Wight festival by being there. From what I've seen on the TV and heard on radio its been a massively successful weekend for UK festies and long may it continue (at least until after Bestival!)

Not such great news from Eastern Europe where rumours are rife that the market is struggling. With huge fees paid to UK artists, a weakening domestic currency and sponsors pulling out, the likes of Sziget in Budapest are offering half price tickets to anyone who can bring 45 people to the festival for all of you. Cripes, I haven’t even got 45 mates lets alone being capable of persuading them to join me in a field for three days (or seven in the case of the amazing sounding Sziget).

Joking aside though I really hope things start to perk up all over the world as I know how stressful running a festival is without any added woes. I don’t wanna get gloomy but I'm also worried about swine flu hitting festivals at the end of the summer as the predicted autumnal peak in the flu hits. I'm thinking of banning people from going to the Isle Of Wight between now and Bestival so it stays flu free. Not sure that will go down too well over there though. Oh well back to the drawing board. Next up Sonar and Glastonbury. Bring it on!

Rob da Bank