James Barton (Creamfields)

Legendary dance promoter and founder of the Cream brand and Creamfields Festivals (now in 12 countries), James Barton gives you his personal low-down...

Hello all festival goers and welcome to my first blog for Virtual Festivals.

I suppose I should explain a little about who I am, ­ my name is James Barton and I am the C.E.O of Cream and Creamfields.

It's a great pleasure to be asked by 'Virtual' to provide you with some of my thoughts on all things 'festivals' and to also keep you updated on the development of Creamfields 2009 as we move on through the summer.

Let me give you a quick update about this years Creamfields since we launched. For those of you that have paid attention, you will know that we announced a reduction in our camping and weekend tickets from £115 to what we believe is a very reasonable £100 for 2009. I guess our thinking was that in today's economic climate it was an obvious thing to do, or at least the obvious thing to do for a festival that is based in the North West of England that has enjoyed tremendous loyalty from its core customers for over 10 years now. We have always been aware of the availability of cash for our customers and thought we should make some sort of gesture with cash being a little tight this year.

The offer has gone down very well, with sales ahead of last years with a huge chunk of goodwill already coming back as a result. This, combined with the line up for 2009, has got us all very excited for this summer.

Looking around this years festival circuit I think we are in for a very good year with some excellent shows out there. The ones that pop out though are of course Bestival (again!), Reading (again!) Rockness (again!) and if the line up rumours are correct Glasto will be returning to form this year ­ although I did like their line up last year. There is also some great stand alone concerts this summer with Tiesto and Springsteen being my own summer picks ­ weird I know, but I have a diverse musical pallet!

Tune in soon for my next blog ­ thanks for reading!

James Barton