James Barton (Creamfields) Blog #7

Final preparations are underway, with just days to go until Creamfields 2009 kicks off.

Although I said I never look at the weather forecast, I am pleased to see the sun shining through after a down pour of rain last night. With two days to go I am pretty sure it will dry out for Saturday.

I was at the site yesterday and I have to say it’s looking rather exciting with the changes we have made this year. This year we have moved the main stage to a new field and have also changed the stage itself. We have also put in a second outdoor stage with the creation of the Mixmag Terrace, not exactly a terrace, but it looks great. We have also jigged around some of the DJ arenas to add a bit more interest.

It’s funny that after 11 years of striving to keep the event fresh that something as simple as moving a couple of stage’s gives you a buzz.

Back at the office there seems to be a strange calmness, although the phone is ringing off the hook with people looking for tickets or guest list. There a few last minute artist issues that we need to conclude, but overall everything seems to be on schedule.

Even though I have done this so many times, I am starting to get excited as we get closer – you never lose that feeling!


James Barton
Creamfields CEO