James Barton (Creamfields) Blog #6

With less than a week to go, James Barton reveals that the festival has sold out...

It’s official Creamfields 2009 has sold out!
It’s probably fair to say that the show pretty much sold out last week, but not wanting to jump the gun we didn’t want to put the sold out sign up until the last ticket was sold.
As I said in previous blogs the show has been on fire all summer with demand better than the last 7/8 years. We are soooooooo happy to see that even after all this time the demand for Creamfields and dance music is as strong as ever.
Which means that this week we don’t need to be worked up about sales and can concentrate on the show itself. Guest list, hotels, transport requests, transport changes, hotel changes, production changes all of these seem to be the main topics of the day.
I stopped looking at weather forecasts years ago, but I will still be saying my prayers for good weather tonight : )
Will update again Weds.
James Barton
Creamfields CEO