Garden Festival: is the grass always greener?

So we've watched the cream of Europe show us why we're so overrated in a football sense, time to see what goes on in the festival sphere.

Following the best Glastonbur

y in years, VF has headed east to tour Eastern Europe, starting in Croatia at Garden festival. It's the perfect warm up for EXIT in Serbia, a chilled festival on a beautiful peninsula near to the city of Zadar where party folk have gathered in the sun to unwind, sun up and go a little crazy. Back To Basics founder Dave Beer is already in hospital after commadeering a BMX and smashing his face up at the bottom of a hill but generally people are having a safe time.

Some have driven straight from Glasto, others here for a week holiday but most are visiting for the weekend, enjoying the kinds of DJs and live acts you'll find at the likes of Bestival and Big Chill, Mr Scruff, The Bays, Bonobo being some of the stand outs. Boat parties dominate proceedings, hundreds heading out into the Adriatic Sea on regular journeys for sun, sea and steppin', while the rest warm up a sun-drenched wooden terrace jutting out to sea, housing some of the finest beats this side of Ibiza.

You almost can't qualify it as a festival, such is it's luxurious setting, it literaly fills that gaps between holiday and festival, ie perfect. Advice: Next year just get here, trust us. Stay posted for the full review.