Editorial: “Stand back, I’m about to launch.. the line-up!”

Was it Bowie or Freddie who gave their artistic eighties clout to the phrase it never rains but it pours?

Virtual Festivals
Was it Bowie or Freddie who gave their camp artistic eighties clout to the phrase – it never rains but it pours? I forget, but I think it’s safe to assume both men would of agreed this week it’s been spewing line-up announcements like a biblical deluge from the sky, and right now no one is more under pressure than festivals to get it right.

The bohemian cityscape festivals have all had their chips in the poker game, laying cards and pulling faces, with Liverpool Sound City the latest hand to play. From scouse to seaside, The Great Escape laid a royal flush and, not to be outdone, Live In Leeds had a full house of names for their 2012 jaunt. This week we also spoke to the Queen of the Camden Crawl team, Lisa Paulon, to get a few of the new acts on her radar. This game could go on until the early hours, with all four players a lot more cards to play.

When it comes to tales of chips however it’s all been about Jamie N Commons, the Bristolian likely lad, with stories of potato-based retribution, ping pong, steam trains and Costello. He wasn’t the only man with things to get off his chest, the ambient mind of Orb figure Alex Paterson, regaled me with stories of Glastonbury black outs, dancing dreamers and his hopes for his latest project, Screen

So, with all this noise it’s hard not to notice the quiet ones. Sonisphere still remain tight-lipped about a first announcement, when veteran rival Download is adding new additions by the day. Rumours of the Pheonix Festival resurrection persist and fake Download and Reading posters have all been doing the circuit. The kids might have discovered Photoshop but they still should know this ain’t happening.

So book makers keep your pens, there’s still plenty more legs in this race. For now enjoy our January playlist with cameos from VF faves School of Seven Bells and Pulled Apart By Horses, and plenty more besides. 

Until next week,

Chris and the VF team