Editorial: Boo hoo! The internet trolls are QWERT-ing

Chase and Status at We The People 2011 by Andy Squire
Chase and Status at We The People 2011 by Andy Squire

Cry into your keyboard, go on.

The internet trolls are hurting (QWERT-ing?) again because Download Festival 2012 organisers have taken another gamble and pencilled in Katy Perry. Oh sorry, they’ve booked Chase and Status.

Now, we’ve been here before: Donington picks a non-metal act (see success stories in The Prodigy and Pendulum) and a few people kick up an irritating stink (21 Likes of Facebook – tee hee!), which makes booker Andy Copping get his dukes up in defence. A word to the wise: get over it and watch something else.

With that in mind, we sent Ryan Duggleby to look at some of those past Download gambles to examine if they paid off. You can also see who else has been added to the Download 2012 line-up this week (yup, Soundgarden are back).

With some mega bookings there already, it does beg the question: who the hell is playing Sonisphere then? Well, Chris Eustace went on the hunt for the best Sonisphere rumours on the net to answer just that.

Continuing with a similar thread, Dannii Leivers has been finding out where are those ‘Most Wanted’ headliners like Daft Punk and David Bowie are hiding and when (even, if) they might be back. With that in mind, The Cure seem on be on a run around Europe this summer in case you missed them in 2011.

Elsewhere, we visited the excellent Eurosonic Nooderslag 2012 (seriously, if you’re into new bands it’s essential festival-ing) and have returned with live sessions, video interviews, reviews, photos and more.

The other big development this week is that Glastonbury Festival 2013 organiser, Michael Eavis, has said he ‘might be interested’ in using wristband technology at the event, though he still had his reservations.

Have a great weekend!
Dan and the VF Team