Dave on the greatest swindler of them all – Malcolm McLaren

'Too many people now do not know what they like, have shit record collections and could not make a decision if their life depended on it.'

What a sad week it is… death of a maverick… the greatest swindler of them all… Big Malc. OK the guy was no saint but the music business was a far more interesting place with him in it. In fact that is the problem all the great starmakers and svengalis are slowly slipping away. I was privileged enough to work with two of the greats: Rob Gretton (Joy Division and Factory) and Tony Wilson (Factory, Hacienda and In The City). I learned so much about an aesthetic approach to the business and a cock sure bullishness that your way is right and fuck everybody else. There is not enough of that left in music.

Too many people now do not know what they like, have shit record collections and could not make a decision if their life depended on it. Maybe that is why no-one has anything to say anymore and most things are so dull and boring.

Anyway, I’ll put the soapbox away and onto all things Sound City. I know I have been building it up for the past weeks and months but believe me when I say it is shaping up to be the best yet. We have really pushed the boat out on the line-up this year. I think it is the best we have had in the last 3 years. Of course as you would expect we have lined up the best zeitgeist acts breaking through alongside those with durability and substance who have been ploughing and improving their craft over the past few years. We have however avoided the trap of going down the route of the latest ‘has beens’ and ‘next big things this week.’ We have simply not taken the bait on the latest Emperors New Clothes… those of you who know will know exactly what I mean. How do we do this? Well quite simple really… we have the best bookers with the best ears in the world who are not sycophants. OK there are a few things we would have loved but for one reason or another we could not get them… se la vie.

So our best festival yet in the best city in the world.  There is still time to get tickets. This year for the first time you can buy day wristbands. We did this as many of our fans and bands now come from Scotland, the Northeast and Yorkshire and only get chance to stay one night… so we listened to your feedback and built this in as an option this year.

Anyway back to digging coal. Check out our website for full line-ups, special events, conference speakers and tons more exciting stuff.


See you in Liverpool in May….It will be a laugh (we promise).
David J Pichilingi