Big Session Blog # 2

Gail Cooke from Big Session tells us how the festival is coming together...

Things are progressing nicely and according to plan. The trackway is down and the fence (erected by Robbie Kerr (box office manager), Pete Mitchell (programme manager), Richard Haswell (DMH hall manager) and Jeremy Arndell (site manager)!!) is nearly complete.

Its been a good sunny build so far, and the ground is holding up nicely. There is some rain forecast on Monday and Tuesday but if we can keep vehicles on the trackway, we'll be fine.

We start flag pole making this afternoon, the bamboo has arrived and the flagsget here on Monday. The scaffolding poles haven't arrived on schedule but we're not worried. Yet! All the bins have been cleaned and lined up ready for our recycling effort. Only 3 have gone missing since last year. Who knows where they go!?
Gail Cooke

Big Session Festival