BLOC Weekend 2011

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Date : 11 Mar 2011 - 13 Mar 2011

Headliners : Aphex Twin, and Magnetic Man

Venue: Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead, UK


Bloc Weekend to relocate in 2012

Bloc Weekend 2012 will relocate from its current Minehead base for next year's festival, as well as being held later in the year.

BLOC Weekend 2012 on sale now

Tickets for BLOC Weekend 2012 are now on sale.

Aphex Twin divides Bloc Weekend 2011

An Aphex Twin gig is a rare thing these days. When the opportunity is given to you, you have to embrace it. But do you have to like it? Matt Cook finds out at BLOC Weekend 2011.

Gentlemen's Dub Club give Bloc an energy injection

Sunday at Bloc can be a much more reserved affair than previous nights, with fewer stages, quieter sound, and fewer people.

BLOC ignore Magnetic Man in favour of the hard stuff

All this talk of a dubstep supergroup has always sounded contradictory to us, and after a comparatively commercial sounding album compared to their dubstep brothers, the Bloc crew voted with their feet tonight and chose to embrace the harder sounds of Apparat and Modeselektor.

LFO De-magnetises BLOC Weekend 2011

After a disappointing Magnetic Man set, it was down to the old school to redress the balance, and LFO's Mark Bell was the best candidate for the job.

Ableton RFID Dome pulls in the crowds at BLOC

With the BLOC Weekend 2011 main stage not opening til later, and a great selection of BLOC favourites lined up to rock the Ableton RFID on Saturday night, the queues to get in became enormous.

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