About Virtual Festivals’ new makeover

In anticipation of the hottest and most exciting festival summer yet, we're thrilled to unveil the latest version of Virtual Festivals with seriously enhanced functionality, performance, navigation and environmental sustainability.

Please note that we are aware of a few technical teething issues which our developers are working through right now. Thanks for your patience during this time – all will be sorted very soon, and we'll be adding loads more cool stuff, continuously, over the coming days and weeks! 

So What's New?

User-Friendly Design and Lay-out
We've decluttered! This new tidy white-space look-and-feel is intended to help you to navigate the site more efficiently and connect with all your favourite festivals, artists and friends faster and easier. Now you can immerse yourself deeper than ever before in more than 1100 festivals listed (plus over 20,000 artists).

Festival TV
VF has long laid claim to the world's largest online photo gallery of live music. Now we can say the same for videos, having hooked up with YouTube to pull in hundreds of thousands of festival-related videos (available for you to search, browse and view right here on VF). You can still upload your own videos to VF and these will have priority over the YouTube ones when people are searching and browsing this site. 

My Virtual Festivals
You can now add your favourite festivals, artists and friends to your publicly viewable profile pages beyond just being able to upload photos, videos and blogs. Every festival and artist profile page displays all of its own fans, allowing you to identify others with the same tastes and interests.

Festival Weather
We’ve partnered with Metcheck to provide reliable long and short-range weather forecasts for every festival listed, so – rain or shine – you’ll be fully prepared to have the best time possible at your event.

High Performance, Eco-Friendly Web Hosting
We are very proud to announce that Virtual Festivals is the first website in the world to use the new ultra-low energy servers pioneered and maintained by Yotta-Serve. What’s more, as well as using half the power of a conventional website, VF now performs a staggering 6000% faster than it did on our old servers!

This latest incarnation of Virtual Festivals represents a significant stride forward in our ambition to drive positive change in the real world for festival-goers through online endeavour, so it’s a very exciting time for us. The best is yet to come, though, so stay posted for some seriously exciting developments over the next few weeks.

We hope you enjoy!

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