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05 Aug 2008 - 09 Aug 2008
Glen Isla, Angus, Scotland

Days: 5
In the heart of the serene Glen Isla, Angus in Scotland the sound of African drums breaks the tranquillity for five-full days as Scotland's only drum rolls into town.

The event regularly draws in some of the best drummers from around the globe who show their expertise with an array of world skins, while workshops allow revellers to get involved in the action as well.
Olympic Jam with Toning Drum Circle "Live"Olympic Jam with Toning Drum Circle "Live"
Uploaded by: Toningdrumcircle

Ngong Ping Drum Show (Part III)Ngong Ping Drum Show (Part III)
Uploaded by: ngongping360hk

Ngong Ping Drum Show (Part IV)Ngong Ping Drum Show (Part IV)
Uploaded by: ngongping360hk

Ngong Ping Drum Show (Part II)Ngong Ping Drum Show (Part II)
Uploaded by: ngongping360hk

Ngong Ping Drum Show (Part I)Ngong Ping Drum Show (Part I)
Uploaded by: ngongping360hk

Big Mac Rap (Drum Village)
Uploaded by: XJackAlmostTooMuchX

Zuglu Drummers at ADV 208 - kukuZuglu Drummers at ADV 208 - kuku
Uploaded by: zuglu261

Zuglu Drummers at ADV 2008 - SUZuglu Drummers at ADV 2008 - SU
Uploaded by: zuglu261

Uploaded by: AlruneRod2811

Dun Dun Village Spring 2008Dun Dun Village Spring 2008
Uploaded by: beoneproductions

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